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What Is Extreme Adz?

Extreme Adz is a breakthrough NEW software that lets you create amazing ‘eye popping’ 3D style ads. Extreme Adz is the world’s most powerful and functional 3D ad creator that offers a wide range of amazing features that enable you to create instantly compelling 3D meta style ads for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more with few click.

You can use this software for Facebook, Instagram , TikTok and tons of other platforms. These 3D style Meta Ads generate 414% better engagement than “regular style ‘Ads and are simply incredible!

Guys! It’s time to put aside all your worries about traffic, engagements, and profits because Extreme Adz will do all the hard work for you, which will help you to stand out from the competition like never before.

Extreme Adz

Why You Need Extreme Adz?

Actually, in this day, everyone wants to work everything easily. but everyone doesn’t know how to work easily. Example: Ads Making. Ads-making is very hard because For this subject you need more and more skills, practices, ideas,s and also many more things. That’s why everyone can’t make good ads for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

But, Now there is no tension, Because Extreme Adz is here!

With Extreme Adz, you can easily create the 3D ads you like with just a few clicks. There are lots of template in extreme adz and For which you can easily choose and also understand what kind of Ads you need. So, When you can create beautiful ads, your site will improve, which in turn will increase your sales. 

So, I want to tell you to make a decision and take a risk, which will benefit you a lot or teach you a lot……!

extreme adz

How to use extreme adz(No tech skills needed)

Extreme Adz is 100% beginner friendly easy to use software everyone can use it easily. It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3.


Mark Zuckerberg, Net Worth $67 Billion - CEO of Facebook Says "This Is The Future"


Choose from 100’s of existing templates or upload your own

  • Choose from over 50 Extreme Ads Custom Made backgrounds in 1 click
  • Access 100,000’s background – Enter any keyword and get what you need
  • Upload your own background image – you have full flexiblity

Add 3D engaging animation in 1 simple click

  • Huge Variety – Choose from over 50 Amazing Animations – Pick the perfect one for your video
  • Instant Speed – Just Hover over to preview the 3D Animation get the “look and feel” YOU want
  • Easy 1 click edit and clone ability
  • Create UNLIMITED videos with Extreme Adz Pro

Choose background music from 100,000’s of Royalty Free soundtracks

  • Create the perfect music to accompany your video
  • Do you want light hearted up beat sound track? Perfect for vacation /leisure style ads
  • Or maybe you want powerful, aggressive music ie perfect for a fitness challenge
  • The choice is yours and simply enter any “keywords” and within seconds Extreme Adz will give you 100’s of sound tracks to choose from

Create Super Realistic Ads By Adjusting Profile Pic and Social Likes

  • Create Instant Social Proof by adjusting your engagement numbers to what you want
  • Change user name to anyone you want
  • Upload Your Exact Profile Pic to your social profile – Keeping congruent increases conversions
  • 1-2-3 point and click simple to edit

Full Drag n Drop Text Editor, Emoji & Hashtags

  • Instantly adjust font – we even offer the exact same ones used by FB And Insta
  • Add Emojis to bring your ad to life!
  • Increase and adjust size, underline , bold etc. You have full control
  • Add #hashtags to create full look alike ads

Clone and Edit Videos with 1 Click!

  • Clone any videos in 1 click. Huge time saver
  • Save this as a template and/or use it to create simple variations of ads
  • Split test headlines, colors, images etc with section

Extreme Adz Review: Features & Benefits!

  1. 100% Beginner Friendly – Easy To Use

This application has a ridiculously simple interface that makes it easy to use. It can be used by anyone, regardless of their technical skills.

  1. Convert With Videos

Now you can send customized video messages instead of boring plain text and email communications. ExtremeAdz allows you to include interactive call-to-action buttons in your video to encourage your viewers to perform the action you desire.

  1. Video recording/uploading

Whether your members want to record with a webcam or a screen recorder, upload from a desktop, record from third-party programs, or directly import videos from YouTube, you can do it all. It’s never been easier to make and share effective videos that get results.

  1. Cutting-edge page builder

Extreme Adz includes a cutting-edge page builder that allows you to design high-converting sales pages that provide your prospects individualized experiences. With simply one click… Incorporate interactive call-to-action buttons into your video to allow viewers to purchase directly from the video page.

  1. Targeted Interactive Video Campaigns

Create interactive video ads that are specific to your audience. Increase your open and click-through rates by over 300 percent by recording and sending video email or video SMS campaigns. Use ExtremeAdz to film customized video ads for providing a personalized experience to your prospects.

  1. Organized Video Marketing

Extreme Adz improves your video marketing by allowing viewers to take the action you want them to do with appropriate call-to-action like “arrange a demo” or “visit website.”

You can also use popular third-party systems like Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and SMS to build and deliver customized, trackable video messages.

You can also call up autoresponders, such as Aweber, or contact management systems such as salesforces, Hubspot, and Pipedrive using active campaigns, and more.

  1. Record Screen And Testimonials

ExtremeAdz makes recording your screen on the go a breeze. You may easily record any form of video, whether it’s a product video, a how-to explainer video, or an e-learning course.

You can also ask your visitors for video responses and allow your customers to share their experiences through short video testimonials.

  1. Independent Workspaces
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Say ‘hi’ to the new advanced workspace that arranges your diverse clients into workspaces as an agency/freelancer or local marketer providing services to several clients.

Simply sign in to your account and choose the workplace where you wish to work. They’re all separate from one another.

  1. Accept appointments from videos

Bye-bye to back-and-forth emails attempting to schedule simple appointments. Calendly, callifyme, booklikeaboss, and other scheduling apps now allow you to generate public booking links and manage your schedule.

  1. Build highly focused list

Extreme Adz offers intelligence forms and conversion tracking tools that help you to generating highly focused and high-paying leads who are eager to buy from you.

  1. Influence marketing decisions

Create targeted follow-up content based on user preferences and engagement data to nurture leads.

  1. Make marketing choices

Follow up with personalized content based on user choices and engagement data to nurture leads.

  1. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (Risk-Free)

ExtremeAdz offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that keeps your money safe. If you are not satisfied with ExtremeAdz’s service, you can return it for a full refund.

Plus a lot more benefits…

  • A cloud-based system
  • Advance single dashboard.
  • No Tech Skills Or Expertise Required
  • Upload /Record videos in 1-Click
  • Unlimited ready-to-use templates.
  • No hosting or domain Required
  • Safe, secure & 100% GDP complaint.
  • Advance reports & analytics.
  • Step-by-step video training.
  • Turn on 3D sound animation with 1 click
  • Search background music by adding any keyword
  • Upload your own background music
  • Produces incredibly small file size for instant loading
  • Download your video in 1 click
  • Clone existing videos
  • Edit names of videos (Good if you have an agency)
  • Advance sales booster system to 3x your sales.
  • Total control over your system with no compliance or blocking.
  • Unlimited integrations for marketing platform & migration.
  • Behavior automation to triple your profit on any site.
  • Commercial license to charge from your clients.


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  • Does it work with FB, Instagram and Tik Tok? Yes – it works perfectly with all platforms. We have specific templates for FB and Instagram and for Tik Tok you can easily download the video ad upload to their platform.
  • What is the refund period? Refund period is 30 days from the day of the original sale. Please bear in mind if we feel the refund policy is abused we reserve the right to bar future purchases on any products we release in the future. We have these measures in place to protect the platform for everyone as a whole
  • How long does it take to make a video – is it user friendly? It’s incredibly simple. Very ‘point & click’ user friendly. Simply select a template, animation, background music and hit build. 3-5 minutes later you video is ready to download
  • Is there an UNLIMITED Video option? Yes – As part of our opening special we have UNLIMITED videos with the Pro package . This is a limited time number with a huge discount at the moment.

Extreme Adz Review....

Extreme adz
Extreme adz

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